Marci Conrad
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Jennifer and Marci
Jennifer (Sister in Law) and
Marci in Phoenix Arizona
Mom Loves her Girls
Marci works hard to take care of
her girls.  As a homemaker
Marci has her hands full.
OK it's back to driving the family bus and taking care of my 5
children.  That's right there's Brenna, Cailin, Alayna, Wags (the
dog) and of course Michael (who might be the biggest child in
the house).  Just a watch an Indianapolis Colts game with him
and you would understand.  This is the time of year I start asking
myself why do I live in MINNESOTA?  Snow, snow go away.  I
was sick during our Vacation in Phoenix and sick during our
family vacation to Montana.  I think I need to get Michael to
take me somewhere while I am starting to feel good soon!
Family Support Efforts
I want to thank everyone for their prayers and support.  Thank
you to those that came and helped while I was in the hospital
and through the surgery's.  The good news is that I am doing
well and life is getting back to normal.  
Mom Loves her Girls
Marci and her sisters Megan
and Monica provide a solid
foundation for the children.