Vacation in Vegas
This is a picture of the girls
eating ice cream at the
Excalibar in Las Vegas!
Alayna Conrad
Alayna's News, Photos and Links
Hi - I'm Alayna Kathyrn
This is a picture of me on my
first birthday.  By the way, where
did the blond hair and blue
eyes come from.
Mountain Climber
That's right I have suction cups
for hands.  I love to climb
Alayna - I am getting older!  4/2006
I turned 18 months old on April 6th!  We are now kissing
everyone and we even blow kisses.  We like to wave and honk
our nose.  

The new word is Whoa!!  Whoa!! Other words include "some"
"done" signs please  and just screams when she wants your
attention.  What a kid!

During Vacation Alayna went swimming, distroyed Great Uncle
Mike and Great Aunt Judy's putting green, played with the
screen door at Uncle Matt and Aunt Sue's, more swimming,
played with the dogs and Great Uncle Jim's and Jenn's (loved
the puppies) and swam and played the slot machine at Great
Aunt Janine's!

Alayna - What's New with Me?  1/2006
Alayna is starting to talk a lot.  She says Da Da, Ma Ma, some,
down, up, tries to say doggy, - we are learning every day!  

Well the other day we walked into the other room and upon
arriving back in the dinning room found some sitting on the
kitchen table.  The funny thing is we have learned to pull the
chair out so we can climb.

Not only can I climb I can also run.  Let me tell you this little girl
can get around.  When the music comes on Alayna starts to

Alayna is One Year Old:  10/2005
That is now One Year Old.  She is growing up fast.  Alayna loves
stuffed animals and enjoys playing with Cailin. By the way did
we tell you that Alayna loves to climb!  Oh boy!

Learning to Walk:  10/2005
Is it learning to walk or learning to run?  Alayna is really getting
around.  She is walking all over the house and loves to play with
cell phones.  
Eat your heart out Tiger!
Coming to a Golf Course near
you!  Give the kid 5 minutes and
she can turn your putting green
into the Alayna fun and play